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[Pre-sale] VisionFive V2 - open source quad-core RISC-V dev board quad-core RISC-V single board computer (SBC) integrated 3D GPU, 2G/4G/8G LPDDR Sale
$63.00 $75.00
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ASUS Tinker Board 2S 4GB Rockchip RK3399  Single Board Computer/SBC Support Android 10/Ubuntu Tinkerboard 2S / Tinker2S Sale
$135.99 $139.99
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ASUS Tinker Edge R RK3399Pro Single Board Computer with Edge TPU AI Accelerator and Dual Camera Interface, Support 4K Decode Sale
$219.00 $222.99
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Slamtec RPLIDAR A1 2D 360 Degree 12 Meters Scanning Radius LIDAR Sensor Scanner for Bstacle Avoidance and Navigation of Robots Sale
$88.00 $89.00
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youyeetoo ROC-RK3588S-PC Rockchip RK3588 8K AI MainBoard 8core 64-bit 4GB/8GB/16GB LPDDR4 NPU 6Tops Support Android Debian11AIoT Sale
$199.00 $201.50
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Youyeetoo Used for raspberry Pi ROS ROBOT CAR maximum 6kg load McNum wheel voice radar navigation with MG513 encoder motor Programmer Sale
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ASUS Tinker Edge T Linux Mini SBC Features Onboard ML Accelerator Google Edge TPU and Optimized for TensorFlow Lite Models Sale
$123.75 $235.99
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ITX-3588J Rockchip RK3588 8K AI Mini-ITX Mainboard firefly Sale
$509.00 $520.00
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STEREO ZED Mini Camera Stereo-IMU 3D Depth Sensor for AI Edge Computing, Self-Driving Car Control, Mobile Mapping Sale
$590.00 $599.00
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Benewake TF02 Pro mid-range distance sensor, 1000Hz Frame Rate&40meters Operating Range Lidar Module for Indoor/Outdoor/Robot Sale
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ASUS AI Accelerator Card CRL-G18U-P3DF/ CRL-G116U-P3DF Sale
$1110.92 $1569.90
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RPLIDAR S2 Lidar Sensor 30m 32k TOF Low Cost IP65 Ranging Module Infrared Ranging Sensor Sale
$395.00 $598.00
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ROC-RK3566-PC Rockchip RK3568 Dual WiFi BT5.0 High-Performance AI SBC support Caffe/TensorFlow/ Android11.0/ Ubuntu Sale
$125.00 $129.00
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Banana Pi R64 Sale
$87.22 $98.00
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TOF Sense Lidar Range Finder Sensor Module TOF Single Point Micro Ranging UART & ICAN 0.1-8m Sale
$22.90 $23.99
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StarFive VisionFive 8GB Single-board Computer with RISC-V support Fedora Linux AI Deep learning Sale
$205.00 $209.00
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Google TPU Coral Development Board Edge Accelerator ai camera Sale
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NanoPC T4 Open Source RK3399 ARM Development Board  DDR3 RAM 4GB Gbps Ethernet ,Support Android 8.1 Ubuntu, AI and deep learning Sale
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M10 Lidar Laser Scanner ToF Measuring Radius 25m 360 Degree Omnidirectional Scanning with Sealed Cover Class 1 Laser Safety Sale
$355.95 $529.95
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LIDAR-053 EAI YDLIDAR X4 LIDAR Laser Radar Scanner Ranging Sensor Module 10m 5k Ranging Frequency EAI YDLIDAR-X4 Sale
$92.99 $95.79
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