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Dynamic QR code generation module Display module WeChat USB serial port STM32/51 MCU

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Screen parameters:
-Resolution: 320x240
-Color screen 16-bit color depth

Ultra-low power consumption:
You can send a serial port command to make the module enter sleep mode (ultra-low power consumption uA level), and you can send a command to wake up through the serial port/or IRQ pin to wake up customizable:
Batch customers can customize the display content and display format. Inside the module is an STM32 single-chip microcomputer, and there is a lot of computing wealth, and various functions can be customized according to customers (customization by paying R&D fee, after a certain amount of batch delivery, we can refund the R&D fee, which is equivalent to free customization)

By default, the STM32 MCU on the module is not open source to customers, and the schematic diagram and PCB of the module are also not open. If the customer wants to program on this MCU by himself for secondary development, he can contact Hot Wheels Negotiate open things (additional fees are required).
​ ​
Function description
★Dynamic QR code generation, refreshable every second
★Easy to operate, send serial data to generate a QR code, cross-platform use, as long as there is a serial port can be used
★Low cost, discount for bulk purchase
★Low power consumption, fast switching between sleep and wakeup
★Built-in independent watchdog circuit to ensure stable and reliable long-term operation
★Can display auxiliary description text information, more humane
★Onboard buzzer interface, command control
★Onboard IO port, which can be controlled by commands
★Onboard LED lights, which can be controlled by commands
★2.6 inch true color TFT

Hardware description
Power supply: 5V or 3.3V,
The serial port (UART) directly sends the content you want to generate the QR code.


Generate QR code directly:
Sending characters and numbers directly, such as a web site, will automatically generate a QR code and display it in the middle of the screen.

The default baud rate is: 115200

Debug the hardware wiring on the PC

Advanced command function

Display text commands (English and symbols)


Example:-Display "WeChat Scan Code" in the center

If the location code is written as 00, it will be centered by default

Command: FE FE FE FE 0B 02 01 00 08 CE A2 D0 C5 C9 A8 C2 EB FF FF


For example:
FE FE FE FE 04 01 FF FF One short beep
FE FE FE FE 04 02 FF FF One long beep
FE FE FE FE 04 03 FF FF Two short beeps
FE FE FE FE 04 04 FF FF Three short beeps
FE FE FE FE 04 05 FF FF Two long beeps

Chapter 4 Five. Connect the network module

QR26 two-dimensional code module can be connected to the network-to-serial module produced by Hot Wheels, which can realize remote control of QR26 module on the network side

4.1.1 Hardware connection

Chapter 5 VI. How to call this module in website program (PHP)

Some customers’ programs are based on the B/S architecture and hope to call this module in the web program to display the ​QR code. You can search for "PHP call serial port" on Baidu, there are many examples. Our module, plugged into the local computer, is a COM device. As long as you operate COM in the web code, you can operate the module.
The following is an example of operating the serial port

/************************************************* ​*************
*rs232new.php ​Control 4 serial port relay program *
* Author ​ 2011.04 *
************************************************** ​************/

/* Use 232 ​protocol communication, baud rate 9600, 8 data bits, one stop bit, no parity ​bit.
MODE COM1 9600, ​n, 8, 1
Description of ​the data frame from the computer to the relay board:
Data header: 0x55 ​(as identification)
Address: 0x01 (a ​relay board defaults to 1)
Operation type: ​0x00 (query the current status of each relay) 0x01 (write new value)
Data (four bytes) ​Each byte represents a relay, a total of four;
Data value 1: ​Relay is off; Data value 2: Relay is closed; Data value 0: Relay has no action.
Check One byte ​and check 0x56
Description of ​the data frame from the relay board to the computer:
Data header: 0x22 ​(as identification)
Address: 0x01 ​(default for a single relay is 1)
Operation type: ​consistent with the operation type sent from the computer
Data (four bytes) ​Each byte represents a relay, a total of four;
Data value 1: ​Relay off, data value 2: Relay on.
Check One-byte ​sum check (used to prevent data errors)
Computer sending ​instruction list (part):
// k1 k2 k3 k4 ​check digit
"55 01 01 02 ​00 00 00 59"; // Pick up the first relay
"55 01 01 00 ​02 00 00 59"; // pull in the second relay
"55 01 01 00 ​00 02 00 59"; // Pick up the third relay
"55 01 01 00 ​00 00 02 59"; // pull in the 4th relay

"55 01 01 01 ​00 00 00 58"; // Disconnect the first relay
"55 01 01 00 ​01 00 00 58"; // Disconnect the second relay
"55 01 01 00 ​00 01 00 58"; // Disconnect the third relay
"55 01 01 00 ​00 00 01 58"; // Disconnect the 4th relay

55 01 01 02 02 02 ​02 5F Close all relays
55 01 01 01 01 01 ​01 5B Disconnect all relays

"55 01 01 00 ​00 00 00 57"; Query the current status of the relay board */
//Define the ​channel to be operated
//Define serial ​port data


//Define the ​accepted get command
$op = ​array("k1on", "k2on", "k3on", "k4on",

function ​rs232_xdcoder($com, $baudrate, $in)
//Use'set channel parameters under ​windows';
exec("mode ". $com." ​BAUD=". $baudrate. "PARITY=n DATA=8 STOP=1 odsr=off");
// "Open the port serial port ​$com";
$f = @fopen($com,'w+');
//Determine whether the serial port is ​normally opened
if (!$f) {
die("Error when open $com");
//Send data to the serial port;
fwrite($f, $in);
//Receive data
$buffer = fread($f, 1024);
//Close the port
//If you want to write the returned data, ​record it here
//getCommand($in, $buffer);
return $buffer;
} */
//Serial port ​operation starts
if ​(isset($_GET['op']) and in_array($_GET['op'],$op))
//echo'Set port channeling parameters ​under windows

exec("mode ​".$com."BAUD=9600 PARITY=n DATA=8 STOP=1 odsr=off");

//echo "Open port ​$com

$f = fopen ($com,'w+');
die("Error when open ​$com");
//echo "Send data to serial ​port

fwrite ($f, $data);
//echo "Receive ​Data

for ($i = 0; $i <= 7; $i++)
$str.=bin2hex(fread( $f,1));
//echo $str;

//echo "Close ​port

//Serial port operation is over

//Start of output
if (isset($_GET['out']) and ​($_GET['out']=="xml"))
//xml output
$output =
//Simple control interface
$output='Serial relay control ​demo program April 2011

k1 open
k1 off
k2 open
k2 off
k3 open
k3 off
k4 open
k4 off
Fully open
all off
XML ​format query

Switch status 1 ​off 2 on





echo $output;

Chapter 6 Appendix:
6.1 Color ​corresponding value
/*BLUE*/ 0X00,
/*WHITE*/ 0X01,
/*BLACK*/ 0X02,
/*YELLOW*/ 0X03,
/*ORANGE*/ 0X04,
/*GRAY*/ 0X05,
/*LGRAY*/ 0X06,
/*DARKGRAY*/ ​0X07,
/*PORPO*/ 0X08,
/*PINK*/ 0X09,
/*GREEN*/ 0X0E,
/*RED*/ 0X0F

1. If “Starting Position” is written as 00, the character will ​automatically adapt to the center display,
2. The length of the ​string cannot exceed 45 characters.
3. Only three lines can be displayed with 15 characters per line.

​ ​


Please be aware that due to your computer monitor display the color may have some difference between the picture and the physical item

Please according to you to buy the dress fabric, select the corresponding fabric color chart

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