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Brand Name
19-inch 23-inch ASUS NVIDIA HUAWEI toybrick Beiqi Nvidia Dfrobot Lattepanda Lattepanda Alpha Firefly RK3399 RK3288 raspberry pi RK3399ProC Intel NCS2 Deep Neural Network RK3399Pro Khadas Toybrick Youyeetoo Rock pi Rockchip CubieTech BananaPi BananaPi R64 BananaPiW2 BananaPiR2 BPI R2 BPI R2 BPI-M64 Huskylens LattePanda Gravity BPI Banana Pi FriendlyElec NanoPi Rock Pi RK3328 Sipeed LinkPI FireFly Linaro 96boards Maix Cube MT8385 I500 ROC-RK3566-PC AIO-3568J RK3568 SEEED RK-3399 Radxa Rock PI Tinker Board Asus TinkerBoard LDS01RR RPLidar TOF Sense EAI Benewake
Demo Board Type
4g 32g ARM 2GB 4GB 8GB 1GB LPDDR 8G EMMC 4GB LPDDR4 2GB DDR3 1GB 3G RAM/16G eMMC 6G RAM/16G eMMC TensorFlow* and Caffe+ USB 3.0 Type-A LPDDR3 4G RAM/16 eMMC 2G RAM & 16G eMMC Face Recognition All-In-One PC 6G RAM/32G eMMC 4G RAM/32G eMMC router 2GB LPDDR3/16G eMMC DualCore Cortex A7 R64 W2 R2 M-64 Huskylens LCD screen M2 Berry M1 Plus Banana Pi M3 M1 BPI M1 Banana Pi M1 R1 DDR4 Rockchip3399 SoC 2.4 G & 5G R1S ZeroPi Duo2 NanoPC T4 T4 RK3399 Mali-T864 GPU Cubieboard5 CB5 CC-A80 CB4 A20 S700 AGX Xavier Cortex A35 RK1808 3399Pro Nano A02 Alwinner A20 M4 BPIM4 Delta 432 BPI M2U M4B Cortex-A7 MA2450 RK3308-256RAM JETSON NANO 2GB NanoPi R1 Cubieboard 6 Cortex-A9 2G LPDDR3 8GB eMMC Cubieboard7 SOC S700 ARM Cortex-A53 2GB LP DDR3 8G eMMC 1GB/4GB RAM 1GB/8GB 2GB/8GB 1GB/4Gb RISC-V Wireless network card RK3399PC Plus 16GB Rockchip TB-96AIOT-1126CE 1GB+16GB RK3568 Rk-3568X RK3288 RK3288, 16GB Touch Screen R2.0 R2.0RK3288 TOF Lidar S2 S2\ Lidar TF350 Accelerator Card 512MB DDR3
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