Astra Pro / Astra S / Gemini Pro Structured Light ReadlSense Depth Camera [WHDPAKM0055] [WHDPAKM0029] [WHDPAKM0030]
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Astra Pro Structured Light ReadlSense Depth Camera [WHDPAKM0055] [WHDPAKM0029] [WHDPAKM0030]

The Astra Series was designed to further improve on the attributes that set Orbbec 3D cameras apart from existing 3D cameras on the market. Astra 3D cameras provide computer vision that enables dozens of functions such as face recognition, gesture recognition, human body tracking, three-dimensional measurement, environment perception, and three-dimensional map reconstruction.

The Astra, Astra S and Astra Pro provide high-end responsiveness, depth measurement, smooth gradients and precise contours, as well as the ability to filter out low-quality depth pixels. The different versions provide developers with the freedom to fine-tune their needs with short range, long range, and high-resolution RGB camera options.

Develop with Orbbec

Use the simple but powerful tools of the multi-platform Orbbec Astra SDK to design the world’s next generation of interactive experiences. Make sure you have the hardware and software you’ll need to get started using your Orbbec Astra 3D camera, then grab the SDK for your platform, and get hacking. Whether you want to jump right into the code or do some tutorial-based bootstrapping: we’ve got you covered.Orbbec cameras also support 3rd party SDK developed by our partners:

Gestoos is a powerful gestural Interaction SDK which is now included in our OpenNI 2 for Windows (64-bit). Gestoos lets you develop applications with gestural interaction in C++, Java, and Processing. Download Orbbec Gestoos SDK to unlock the power of gestural Interaction and to view documentation and samples online on the Gestoos developer’s website.


If you are using the SDK on Windows and do not have Visual Studio installed, you will need:
Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 (x86 and x64), or
Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2015 (x86 and x64).

User Guide

Windows driver

More details and window, linux platform SDK

Forum | SDK Instructions and Summary

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