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By Peter | 28 July 2020 | 0 Comments

X3288 --RK3288

The X3288CV3 core board has the following features:
BD14580_ Maximum size,  only 55mm * 55mm   in this size but for enough GPIO port out;

BD14580_The Ricoh RC5T620 PMU is used as a power management,stable and reliable, low cost enough;

BD14580_Support many brands and capacity of eMMC, acquiescence to use 16GB emmc (MLC process);

BD14580_Using dual-channel DDR3 design, the default support 2GB capacity, can be customized 4GB capacity;

BD14580_Support power sleep wake-up;

BD14580_Support android4.4 operating system

BD14580_Support Gigabit Ethernet;

BD14580_More stable than the nandflash product,no data lost truble;

BD14580_Stable and reliable products,Tested machine 7 days and 7 nights without crash;

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