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By PETER | 26 July 2020 | 1 Comments

SMC532 NFC module [MZ0001]

    SMC532 Hot Wheels is a technology introduced NFC module, usersOnly need a simple serial commands can be achieved NFCCard reader\Card emulation\Peer (P2P) communicationAnd so commonly used functionsAlso the industry's first to achieve a command module settings and P2P communication handsets. Then do not have to understand the complex interaction NFC, NFC-enabled do not have to chew on in order to achieve a variety of applications such as protocol stacks LLCP / SNEP / NDEF, and so we have done in the MCU, the user, which is just a NFC transparent pipeline, just a simple means of communication, the user can focus on the business logic without distraction specific details of the pipe NFC!
   With SMC532, NFC could be so simple!

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