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SONCOZ LA-QXD1 Digital HiFi Audio Converters(DAC) [AU0001]


ES9038Q2M 32bit/768kHz DSD512 

Documents code:AU0001/AU0002/AU0003

LA-QXD1 is a very complete symmetrical digital / analog / DAC interface integrating a combo of SABER ES9038Q2M chips as well as a USB XMOS interface.


1.The Power input is DC 5V-1A or you can use power bank.(Which are not included in the package content.)

2.The generation of static electricity can cause damage to the componentsThe easiest way is to contact the shell of the DAC with other grounded equipment.

3.Sampling frequency (Pay attetion to choose the correct input frequency as follows otherwise it will lead to problems!)

USB: 32-bit / 768kHz PCM - DSD512 (native)

Optical: 24-bit / 192 kHz PCM - DSD64

Coaxial: 24-bit / 192 kHz PCM - DSD64

Docs (User guide) & Download


Q1: Can I use the USB port that comes with my computer to power the LA-QXD1?
A1: The PC's own USB port for power supply is not enough to support the normal operation of LA-QXD1.
Q2: Power consumption of the whole machine.
A2: <4W.
Q3: What is the impedance of the XLR/RCA output?
A3: XLR output 200 Ω and RCA output 100 Ω.
Q4: Does the LA-QXD1 remember the volume and different filter choices for each input?
A4: LA-QXD1 does not have memory function, it will return to the default state after powering on/off.
Q5: How can I switch between the different filter modes of the LA-QXD1 DAC?
A5: Long press the Mute button for 2 seconds to select the filtering mode, and each long press switches one filtering mode. The switch order is APOD-BRIC-FAM-FAM-FAL-HYER-SLM-SLL.
(Note: Switch to the filter mode you want to play, and don't need to press a different button to confirm). 

Q6: How can I know which filter is selected? Is there is a reference for the filters and the led combinations?
A6: The three LED indicators of TOS/COAX/USB will be displayed in combination. Refer to the LA-QXD1 DAC filter mode truth table.
Q7: LA-QXD1 default volume and adjust the stride?
A7: The default volume is -64dB, the adjusted volume stride is 2dB/Step, and the maximum volume is 0dB.
Q8: How do I determine if the volume of LA-QXD1 is turned up to the maximum?
A8: Press and hold the volume "+" to quickly adjust the volume, and the corresponding channel light flashes when you adjust the volume until the volume is up to the maximum to stop flashing.
Q9: How many output voltages for maximum volume?
A9: XLR 4.0Vrms/RCA 2.0Vrms.
Q10: Where can I download the latest firmware and drivers?
A10: Please download.
Q11: How can I upgrade the firmware of my LA-QXD1 DAC?
A11: Please refer to the LA-QXD1 Upgrade Guide for details. 
Q12: Can I connect my headphones directly to LA-QXD1?
A12: It is not recommended to use as a headphone amplifier.
Q13: What's the purpose of the downloadable Thesycon Driver?
A13: To support PCM768KHz and DSD512.
Q14: Do I need drivers When using Windows XP, indows7/8/8.1/10, MAC OS, OSX, Linux?
A14: Windows 8.1 and earlier versions require a driver. Windows10, MAC OS, OSX , Linux does not need driver.
Note:All Windows platforms that need to support PCM768k and DSD512 must have our official custom drivers installed.

Q15: Is the SONCOZ LA-QXD1 DAC compatible with 32 kHz sample rate via SPDIF?
A15: Yes.
Q16: What about warranty?
A16: please refer our official website.
Q17: What is the default filter mode of the LA-QXD1?

A17: The default filter mode of the LA-QXD1 is the Apodizing Linear Fast Roll-Off Filter (APOD).
Q18: It powers on but no sound when using optical input?
A18: Insert the fiber cable into the fiber port in the correct direction and press it back


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