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SGD1 Hi-Res Audio HiFi DAC [WG0005]

Documents code:WG0005

SGD1 integrated AKM4118A as a digital audio transceiver that supporting 192kHz,24 bits and multicore USB2.0 interface XMOS XU208 which supporting PCM 768kHz,32 bits and DSD512(Native).
Not only that, SGD1 also use two ES9038 DAC to decode the left and right channels separately , meanwhile, two opa1612A and two RT6863S to implement the I/V and LPF circuits.

Docs and Download:

Q1: What other functions does SGD1 WiFi have besides upgradeing the system firmware?
A1: The WiFi function of SGD1 is only used to upgrade the system software, without any other functions, and there is no data collection behavior.
Q2: Are the XLR and RCA output at the same time?
A2: XLR and RCA are output at the same time, and the two interfaces can be connected to the power amplifier equipment (headphone amplifier/power amplifier) of the corresponding interface at the same time.
Q3: Can SGD1 be used as a pre-amp?
A3: The SGD1 is a high-performance DAC that can also meet the requirements of pre-amp applications.
Q4: Can I bypass the volume control directly?
A4: DAC internal modulators, filters, and volume controls cannot be bypassed,which is determined by the DAC chip.
Q5: Can SGD1 be used as a pure decoder?
A5: SGD1 can be used as a pure decoding device, adjusting the volume to the maximum.
Q6: Is the volume adjustment and mute function valid for all outputs?
A6: Volume adjustment and mute functions are only valid for analog output and not for digital output.
Q7: How does SGD1 handle DSD, direct output or PCM conversion?
A7: When the DSD source is playing, the DSD audio stream directly into the DAC chip with no transcoding in the middle.
Q8: What is the use of installing Thesycon custom driver?
A8: The customized USB driver supports PCM768KHz/DSD512 (Native). If you use the built-in driver of the system, there may be problems with high-spec audio sources that cannot be played.
Q9: How can I see the format of the audio source being played?
A9: Information about the currently playing audio source is displayed on the custom-driven control panel installed on the PC side.
Q10: Does SGD1 have a memory function? 
A10: The volume and filter mode of each input source of SGD1 can store memories separately and the next power-on returns to the last setting. 
Q11: How to reset the system?
A11: Press and hold the button for more than 6 seconds, all indicators are on and reset to the default power-on state.
Q12: The default volume for SGD1 and the adjustment of the stride.
A12: The default volume is -64dB, the encoder adjusts the volume stride is 0.5dB/Step, the maximum volume is 0dB. The volume of SGD1 can be realized by turning the knob quickly or long pressing
remote control +/-.

Q13: How can I upgrade my SGD1 DAC?
A13: There are two ways to upgrade: mobile phone hotspot and mobile phone APP (Esptouch). Please refer to the SGD1 Upgrade Guide for details.
Q14: What is the power consumption of the whole machine?
A14: <9W.
Q15: When does WiFi turn on and off?
A15: SGD1 will configure the WiFi network before connecting each time it powered on. If the network exists, it automatically detects if there is new software and update, and then turn off the WiFi function,
if the network does not exist, the WiFi will be turned off one minute after powering on.

Q16: When does SGD1 Bluetooth turn on?
A16: Bluetooth for SGD1 periodically scans the connected devices to ensure that they are automatically connected.
Q17: What formats of decoding does SGD1 Bluetooth support?
A17: Support APTX / APTX LL / SBC / AAC and other format.
Q18: What decoder chip does SGD1 use, and how many pieces are used?
A18: Each SGD1 uses 2 ES9038Q2M as audio decoding chips.
Q19: What operating systems does SGD1 support?
A19: Compatible with multiple operating systems Windows/iOS/Android/Linux/Volumio.
Q20: Has IMD Hump been resolved?
A20: Yes, all our products are hump-free.
Q21: Which drivers to use? XMOS or Thesycon?
A21: XMOS has removed and no useless.Thesycon support DSD512 and PCM768KHz.
Q22: How do I confirm what firmware I am running, or if the OTA upgrade succeeded?
A22: The user cannot see the version of the software. Under normal upgrade operation, if no new 
upgrade occurs,  and judge as the latest version of the software.

Q23: Where can I install the latest drivers?
A23: Please download.
Q24: What is the impedance of the XLR/RCA output?
A24: XLR output 200 Ω and RCA output 100 Ω.
Q25: How many output voltages for maximum volume?
A25: XLR 4.0Vrms and RCA 2.0Vrms.
Q26: Fail to increase or decrease the volume?
A26: 1.Use the remote control first. If the remote control is effective. 2.Check whether the knob is loose. Ensure to press the knob firmly. 3.If it is invalid, the internal cable maybe become loose. Open the top cover of the machine and reinsert the cable.


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