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Documents code: JNDPK510KIT0

Document name Document summary K510 CRB Version 1.2 hardware resource description documentation
K510_CRB_V1.2 Schematic K510 CRB V1.2 schematic The K510 SDK compiles and burns the documentation K510 SDK system memory division documentation K510 Refer to the sample program documentation K510 compiler usage documentation k510 AI app deployment process documentation K510 SDK uboot documentation K510 SDK kernel documentation K510 DSP Core Usage Documentation K510 V4L2 application example documentation K510 sensor development documentation K510 DRM API interface documentation K510 Multimedia application example documentation K510 Multiprocessor Communication Documentation K510 ISP Tuning Tool Documentation Download Address

K510 ISP Tuning tool

K510 CRB KIT Quick Start Guide


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