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By Charles.chen | 13 December 2021 | 0 Comments

VisionFive V1 RISC-V Linux SBC resurrects BeagleV StarFive single board computer

VisionFive is the first generation of affordable RISC-V computers designed to run Linux. It is fully open-source with open-source software, open hardware design and RISC-V open architecture.

It is powered by RISC-V SiFive U74 Dual-Core 64-bit RV64GC ISA SoC with 4GB/8GB LPDDR4 RAM variants and has rich I/O peripherals such as USB 3.0 ports, 40-pin GPIO header, Gigabit Ethernet Connector, Micro-SD card slot and much more.

VisionFive also has rich AI features with Neural Network Engine and NVDLA Engine. It has onboard audio and video processing capabilities and has MIPI-CSI and MIPI-DSI connectors for video hardware. It has wireless capabilities with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (BLE) and has a wide software compatibility including support for Fedora.



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