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Firefly-RK3399 Quick Start


The standard set of Firefly-RK3399 includes the following accessories:


·         Firefly-RK399 board (1pcs)

·         Others

The optional accessories are:

·         Acrylic rack (to protect the board)

·         12V/2A DC USB power adapter (support 220V/100V input)

Additionally, the following accessories or devices are needed:

·         Display

o    Display or TV which supports VGA interface, and VGA cable

o    Display or TV which supports HDMI interface, and HDMI cable

·         Network

o    100M/1000M ethernet cable, and corresponding router

o    WiFi router

·         Input devices

o    USB wire/wireless mouse/keyboard

o    Infrared remote control

·         Flash image, debugging

o    Micro Type-C USB cable

o    USB to serial adapter

·         Shopping List


  • Installation



After confirming all the connections are OK, plug the power adapter into the socket to power up the board. The board will boot automatically once power on. Select “Shutdown” in Android system, keeping the board power on. Then we can boot Firefly-RK3399 by two ways.

  • Keep press power button more than 3 seconds.

  • Press “power” button on the infrared remote control.

During booting, the blue LED will light up, and you can see the Firefly logo if your board is connected to the HDMI display.

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