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ASUS Tinker Edge R RK3399Pro Single Board Computer with Edge TPU AI Accelerator and Dual Camera Interface, Support 4K Decode Sale
$219.00 $222.99
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Smartfly Rockchip RV1126/ RV1109 Gold Finger Core Board Quad core ARM Cortex A7 32 bit integra NEON & FPUtes 1G DDR3 8G eMMG Sale
$42.67 $52.67
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Thinkcore TC Rockchip RV1126/ RV1109 Stamp Hole Development kits Quad-core ARM Cortex-A732-bit 2.0 Tops NPU Supports Linux Sale
$98.50 $106.25
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Smartfly Rockchip RV1126/ RV1109 Stamp Hole Core Board Quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 Integrates NEON&FPU 2.0Tops support INT8/INT16 Sale
$45.00 $58.03
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RPLIDAR A2M12 360 Degree Laser Range Scanne Triangular Ranging 12m lidar Mapper Rplidar Scanner Kit sensor measurement tool Sale
$211.00 $229.00
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ROCK PI 4 MODEL B+ Rockchip RK3399 - BOARD ONLY (2,4/5GHZ WLAN BLUETOOTH 5.0) ARM Cortex Six Core SBC Sale
$79.12 $99.99
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youyeetoo Core-3568J AI Core Board 4GB+32GB RockChip RK3568 quad-core 64-bit  Integrated co-processors supports GPU, VPU, NPU Sale
$87.39 $98.00
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youyeetoo Core-3588J 8K AI Core Board RockChip RK3588 8-core 64-bit 8nm Cortex-A76 NPU 6Tops SBC Supports Android 12.0 Linux Sale
$221.90 $240.00
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ASUS Tinker Edge T Linux Mini SBC Features Onboard ML Accelerator Google Edge TPU and Optimized for TensorFlow Lite Models Sale
$229.50 $235.99
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NanoPi NEO3 Rockchip RK3288 Tiny ARM Single Board Computer with USB3.0 ,Gbps Ethernet and Unique MAC Address Sale
$39.90 $45.00
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ROCK PI 4C Rockchip RK3399 4GB LPDDR4 Mali T860MP4 SBC/Single Board Computer Compatible with Official Raspberry Pi Display AI Sale
$89.00 $99.00
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firefly AIO-3288C with RK3288 quad-core Cortex-A17 processor, frequency up to 1.8GHz, integrated quad-core Mali-T764 GPU Single Board Computer Sale
$165.00 $169.00
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TB-RK3399Pro AI Development Kit Single Board Computer for AI Deep Learning Accelerate TensorFlow Android/linux Sale
$259.99 $299.99
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Khadas VIM3L SBC: Amlogic S905D3-N0N Soc With 1.2 TOPS Performance NPU | 2GB + 16GB Sale
$69.99 $89.99
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Aluminum Alloy Mini Router Case with Cooling Fan Accessory for NanoPi R2S Sale
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FriendlyElec Nanopi R2S Mini Portable Travel Router OpenWRT with Dual-Gbps Ethernet Ports 1GB DDR4 Based in RK3328 Soc for IOT NAS Smart Home Gateway Sale
$42.99 $47.99
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Firefly Face-RK3399 Face Recognition Single Board Computer Main Board for Multiple face Recognition algorithms and Various Recognition Modes Sale
$149.99 $159.99
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Firefly 3399Pro-JD4 AI Core Board Integrated NPU with computing power up to 3.0 Tops,Support TensorFlow Lite/Android NN API Sale
$179.99 $199.99
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